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Here are just a few exciting features about the new Doddington Diary which will be available from October 2017 onwards.

News & Information

Find out what's going on in and around the village of Doddington.

Local Goups

Details of the many groups and charities within the village.


Proudly displaying the adverts of many supporters of the Doddington Diary.


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Copies of the newsletter will be in The Three Tuns and One Stop shop.


Tell us what's going on!

If you're part of a local group, business or charity, tell us something that we can share with the village.

  • Upcoming events, shows, or frequent dates.
  • Outings, excersions and trips.
  • Changes in your organistion.

Drop us an email on and we'll get in touch to arrange a call.

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Advertise with us.

We have a range of advertisement sizes available within each edition of the Doddington Diary. Find the right advert size for your needs.


Quarter Page

  • 65mm x 92mm
  • portrait orientation
  • Black and white

Half Page

  • 136mm x 92mm
  • landscape orientation
  • Black and white

Full Page

  • 136mm x 190mm
  • portrait orientation
  • Black and white

Inside Front Page

  • 136mm x 198mm
  • portrait orientation
  • Black and white

Back Page

  • 136mm x 198mm
  • portrait orientation
  • Black and white

Not for profit community groups based in Doddington receive a 50% discounton advertisement rates (excluding Inside Front Page and Back Page adverts).


To place an advert, please email

Adverts must be sent as print-ready file at 300dpi, in either JPG or PDF format or text file (without images).


Closing date for adverts is the 15th of each month.

Privacy Policy (May 2018)

Personal Data
An Individual’s confidentiality and personal information is protected by the Data Protection Act and from 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the privacy and electronic communication regulations 2016 (PECR).

Personal Data which the Doddington Diary holds on individuals includes; name, address, post code, telephone number, email address, details of involvement with groups and organisations and photographic material submitted by such groups and organisations.

Personal Data is held by the Doddington Diary in order to collate details of news and events including photographs of happenings in Doddington to result in a publication each month which is distributed free to the residents and businesses of Doddington. The publication is also available as a free subscription to be sent digitally to individuals who subscribe via the website

Contact information such as names and emails are stored on personal computers owned by the Doddington Diary Team which are password protected and kept in a secure location. This information will not be shared with or given access to by any other person outside of the Doddington Diary Committee. All reports and photographs which have been submitted for publication are deleted, shredded or returned to the individual one month after publication.

The Doddington Diary will seek confirmation from all groups and organisations, that explicit consent has been received from the individuals in reports and photographs for their information to be shared publicly.

Doddington Diary have never and will never sell or pass on personal information to third parties.

The Doddington Diary will ask subscribers to the monthly publication and individual contacts for groups and organisations to provide their formal consent to receive communications electronically.  Subscribers will receive the monthly publication of the Diary to their email address on the 1st day of every month.  Individual contacts for groups and organisations will receive a reminder sent to their email address to send in their report each month and on occasions receive updates from the Doddington Diary Team.

Social Media
Doddington Diary uses a range of Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise community groups and organisation’s events, details of which have been submitted (from said groups and organisations) for publication in the monthly magazine. We will also share relevant information from other Social Media sites. Doddington Diary will never share photographs on Social Media provided by groups and organisations unless separate explicit consent to do so is received from the individual/s in the photograph or those photographs which have already been posted on a public Social Media page.

Doddington Diary are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any Social Media company.